Euroradio Jazz Orchestra Broadcast

Every year, the Euroradio Jazz Producers put together a European jazz big band under the name of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra (EJO). The EJO concerts were organized this year at the initiative of BBC Scotland with performances on Thursday, 17 November, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow and Friday, 18 November, The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen.

Directed by Tommy Smith, the first half of the concert was a performance of Kenny Wheeler’s 59 minute long ‘Sweet Sister Suite’ with  Alexandra the featured soloist on flugelhorn (The Kenny Wheeler role).

The second half was a selection of pieces chosen by Tommy Smith.

The concert on Thursday 17 November was recorded by the BBC and is being broadcast across the EU, with the whole of the ‘Sweet Sister Suite’  featuring Alexandra being  broadcast on Feb 20th (2017) on Radio 3, ‘Jazz Now’ at 11pm.